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Yeah, this is a sketchblog, right? So here's some art!

Last full body JAsmine, and likely the last of the month. Yzma is this month's calendar girl!

Around 20ish more under the cut, a lot more interesting than Jasmine up there. As always, there are nipples, so be careful. )
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Hey guys, I've decided to try out daily vlogging... kind of. I'm trying a different style from your typical "talk to the camera about your day" sort of thing. So a lot of what I post may not be interesting to you, or maybe only parts of it, but I'm really using it more as a video diary than as something to share with the world. And sure, maybe that means I should keep the videos personal and only on facebook, and I might take them down from youtube depending on what happens. However, I only make up a small, unknown corner of that website, so I'm not worried about gaining any fame. My ocarina videos can get pretty popular though, so hopefully those don't attract any creepers.

Anyway, here are the two videos I have up right now, for your entertainment:

There are actually both shortened versions of the original videos. Facebook allows 20 minutes worth of video while Youtube only allows 10, so I have to cut some parts out.

If vlogs aren't you thing, please don't bother watching these. It's really just me or my friends goofing around.

I'll adjust where and if I alert you guys to my posting of these videos depending on the reception they get :B
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It's really old and really sounds nothing like a piano BUT it's awesome and I love it.
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Not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise
A morning filled with 400 billion suns
The rising of the milky way


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Guys this is so fantastic.

This show is still stupid but at least it can make fun of itself.

And with Neil Patrick Harris on top of it all!


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