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Okay, first off, the WIP.

Worked on this during the livestream and decided the skin needed reworking since it didn't really reflect the light too well. Still experimenting with that.

Here the changes are more obvious. I'm trying to fix Zelda's eyes - I think they look better but I need to clean them up a bit.

And here are two other things that I was working on during the stream )
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I've been livestreaming for 8 hours.

We watched AMV Hell 3, Akira, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and a couple episodes of Samurai Jack.

Anyway, here's the picture as it stands now:

Finished the shield and added a rock to make the angle work. Not sure if it fixed anything. Detail shot:

Might have to fix the lighting since it's now angled away from the light, but we'll have to see.
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Yeeeah so all I worked on for 5 hours was a shield that isn't really even at the right angle.

I'm hoping to fix that tomorrow.

Here's a close up:


Any advice on how to fix this and NOT have to redo the entire thing? I think it can be fixed just by changing most of the perspectiv-y lines, if that makes sense.

... maybe this would be a good time to look for shield replicas and zelda cosplay...

Livestream was a blast. We watched Mean Girls, Starchaser (i.e. The Legend of Zelda Star Wars in Space), and the pilot episode of Samurai Jack. Definitely more entertaining that just music.
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Livestream'd for 3 hours, which brings to the total time spent on this image up to around 30 hours.

As you can see, the focus here was mainly fixing Link's anatomy and tweaking the tunic to make it more accurate to the Twilight Princess design, since that's the game that this image is based in. Here's a comparison:

Yup. I think I'll see if I can't make some changes to his arm tomorrow, but one of my goals for this is to add the shield. Yup, the shield. I don't know when I'll ever finish this, but it's a fun experiment.

Oh, and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] milokey  and [livejournal.com profile] footnoodles  for dropping in :3 I appreciated it :D Hope you guys had fun
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So my goal was today was to finish the sword, fix some issues I had with Zelda's anatomy, and experiment with lighting/shadows some more. Yeah, we never got to the last part. It took a lot longer to fix Zelda than I expected, and I had to do a lot of recoloring. I eventually finished, but I will probably work on the dress some more. But that's some other time. Here's a comparison:

I haven't fixed the toes yet. I also want to fix the face a bit - the eyes especially.

Here's the image as it stands now:

Just as I redid a lot of Zelda's anatomy, I'm probably going to work on Link some tomorrow. I don't know if I'm going to go quite as over the top with him as I did with Zelda, because to me, it just looks like the torso needs to be shortened. However, I will probably add detail to the tunic, and that may take some time.

Actually, that's another thing. I want to add some designs to Zelda's dress - she's a princess, even her romp-in-the-field clothes have to be somewhat fancy. That's probably going to happen on a later date, though.

And I did get the sword more or less finished, though I still need to work on the gold details on the scabbard.

Now THIS was fun to color.

As always, any help/advice is appreciated. For instance, Zelda's left (our right) arm. It's been bugging the crap out of me. I want to fix it, but I do not want to redo the hand. What do I do?

Posting this early because I am absolutely exhausted. I even took a nap during the livestream because I was scared that I was going to just fall asleep right then and there. I do volunteer work all day tomorrow, so I'm debating whether or not to livestream or even work on this thing until Saturday.
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I think I worked on this for, like, 6 or 7 hours today.

I started off by adding some grass, but after about half an hour of that, I got really bored. So I decided to add a sword!

Not done, clearly. It's based on the sword that Rusl made in Twilight Princess, the one that Link starts out with. The scabbard was a bitch to do because reference was hard to find, so I took some liberties with the design. Based on the sword, this picture takes place in the Twilight Princess universe of Zelda, so I might be making some major changes to Link's tunic soon. However, I will not for the life of me add chainmail. He's on a date with Zelda - he'll take his sword but he doesn't need a suit of armor. (Link has the Ordon sword because he put the Master Sword back in the stone thing, remember?)

That's my reasoning anyway.

Shut up, I'm not lazy.

The coloring of the sword is based on how it's colored in the official art, but I tried not to reference it to the point of copying the style. I still looks copied... I used a guide that [livejournal.com profile] ikage  recently made to color the metal, so this has been an active learning process.

This picture is coming along nicely, but I feel like it's far from done. I want to add more stuff, like maybe a shield, random floating light things. I also want to add more highlights and maybe re-color Zelda's skin. Seriously, I plan on going full out on this thing, it's so much fun to work on.

And this is why you should join the livestream:

Yeah. What now.

(Guys, if you see any glaring problems with anatomy, lighting, coloring, whatever, please tell me. The sooner I know about it, the sooner I can fix it and the more I learn from this drawing. For instance: do you think the sword is too small? Thank ye)
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About 8-9 hours of work put in today (so I've currently put around 17 hours into this). Half of that time was spent fixing anatomy/clothing issues that were bugging me and doing general cleanup, and the other half was spent working on a passable background. Still lots of work to do, though. Hope I don't run out of steam before it's done.
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Hey guys. I'm doing a livestream of me coloring the recent Zelda/Link sketch I posted earlier today. Feel free to watch :) http://www.livestream.com/orangeinah?t=62285 Oh man, this was a long one. Thank you so much to those of you who stopped by and kept me entertained while I was working and sitting on my ass for hours on end. This is what I accomplished in 7 hours:

Posted the original earlier today. Didn't have to make too many changes to the original lineart, just minimized Zelda' ginormous head and fixed some minimal things that were bugging me. The original images are huge, over 4000x7000 pixels.

Definitely a work in progress. The night version was just for fun, so I'm going to try and finish the day one tomorrow. I'll probably do another stream for that one.

Close ups:


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8____8 I did Zelda fan art that was something other than a head shot. Omg.

I like drawing Link with long hair. He just seems like the type that would be too lazy to cut it.
Hopefully it doesn't make him look too feminine...

I was listening to this while making these and a few other sketches:

 I absolutely love this song.
I have other sketches to scan and post, but I wanted to post these two early because I'm, like, ecstatic that I can do fanart of these guys now. I've always had trouble with it, probably because I can never draw guys and I don't ever think I can do Link justice.


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