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shuddup, this is the only Ace Attorney icon I have :(

So I got Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth yesterday and so far I've played through the first part of the first chapter. I didn't realize that they were being literal with the title: so far, there is not sign of a court session. (yeah yeah, I should have done some reseach which would clearly state that it's a different formula from the other Ace Attorney games, but I would have bought it anyway.) It really is just going around with Gumshoe, examining evidence, pressing people, using logic to put two and two together, and shouting "Eureka!" A bit of shame, since my favorite part of Phoenix Wright was always in the court room rather than the investigation, but Edgeworth makes it enjoyable.

His gay-o-meter raised about 150% after his "buisness trip" to Europe, and his upper body is just as HUGE as ever. Having never been a huge fan of Edgeworth (Franziska von Karma and Godot are my faves of the series), it's interesting to have to play him and kidna see a different side of him - not that he's really any different than how he acts when on the other side of the spectrum.

So, basically I'm enjoying the game so far, but I do have one problem - the actual investigation of the room itself. In Phoenix Wright, you simply click around, but now you have to use an awkward control system (whoever knew someone would be complaining about a control system in an Ace Attorney game?) and I constantly feel like I MISSED something. Plus, since sprites are no longer on the screen for the general investigation (only during the cut scenes), it's sometimes gets confusing as to who's talking - sometimes. One of the things that always amazed me about the Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice games is how each character has a unique personality that comes across in their text dialogue, so even if without looking at the names, you can tell whose talking and when the speaker has changed.

As always, the writing is great and I've had a great couple laughs. The first trial, as always, is rather simple, but I did hit one snag with the Cross Examination. The Logic system is also pretty interesting, and is really what makes the game stand out, since it's Edgeworth's own twist to the usual formula.

But like I said, no court room scenes! You're doing the same thing you do as a defense lawyer as opposed to a persecutor - find evidence to support that your "client" was not the killer. (Right now I'm proving that Gumshoe, and now Maggey Byrde did not kill some dude in my office, but this is directly after the murder, so it's more like I'm helping friends). I want to accuse people of murder rather than prove their innocence (kinda like the parts of Phoenix Wright where you DO call out the killer).

So I guess right now I'm getting used to the formula. But the game is still fun - so far anyway. Like I said, I'm about hour in. So far it's infinitely better than Spirit Tracks though. Ick.

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Yeeeeeeeeah, so I've been... pretty inactive on the internet over the last two weeks. This is mainly because I spent about a weeks worth of time away from the computer, the other half week with friends and little opportunity to do much on the computer, and the final half... just... playing Fallout 3 or Sims 3.

But now school is back in session, and I need something to distract from the misery that that school inflicts upon me every weekday from here to June, so the internet is a great distraction. Expect to see more of me on lj and twitter.

But don't expect to see me on dA. I'm pretty much quitting cold turkey on that place, unless I start doing real art again and not just sketches some time soon. The people there just piss me off, and not the ones that interact with me directly, they're mostly nice. You know. Just the other 99.9999% of its users.

Anyway, let's post some sketches, shall we?

(Now I'm lame and didn't scan any of the note sketches drawn over the last semester, so these are, for the most part, moleskine sketches. And there aren't many of them. It's been an unproductive winter break.)

Click for more! )

Now then, onto something slightly different. It's January, and do you know what January is? That's right, it's hourly comic month! The month where every hour that you're awake of every day of January you draw up a panel or two depicting something that happened or something you thought of within that hour! I forgot for the first four and a half days of January, and made a feeble attempt to get an hourly started today, but really wasn't in the mood, what with it being the first day of school after the break and all. But here're my attempts, about 6 hours worth of material and 12 panels. Hopefully I'll do better in the coming days:

I'm trying to find whatever spirit was in me last year when I did these. Due to a death in the family, I only got about a week in, but I remember deciding to take Sundays off. We'll see if that happens again this year. The style itself is pretty much the exact same as last year. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing.
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My HootHoot Kaepora finally evolved into a Nightowl. I've been wanting to do creature design recently, so I figured pokemon would be a good place to start practicing. After being inspired by some of Jubilation's pokemon sketches, I decided I should drawing them a little more realistic, but still keeping that pokemon look to 'em.

So I decided to do one of my favorite pokemon designs, Noctowl! Well.... okay, the design on him is kind of lazy, but I think they'd look pretty badass if they were real. Plus they're as tall as me. That's terrifying.

Since I don't draw bird with any regularity, I used some google images as reference.

And now I don't know what to do with the sketch. I guess I could break out the colored pencils and ink and color it that way :7 hmmmmm....


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