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Colored a sketch that was sitting in my moleskine. Sketch post to come when I'm in the mood.

I love drawing Gengars so much xD Gamete is one of my strongest pokemon, special attack wise. He kicks ass.

Ignore the dress hem, ignore the legs, ignore the other weird problems, and you'll be good.

I'm going to go download some music.

Also, I always forget to say this, but often when I'm coloring something, I'm listening to [livejournal.com profile] made_of_fail_pc , a fantastic podcast. This recent episode was no exception - I'm no fan off horror but I really enjoyed listening to everyone on the show talk about the Nightmare on Elmstreet remake. Check it out!
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Ugh, I'll make the pictures smaller in the next post. Also, my scanner, like all scanners in the world, for some reason, sucked the color out of some of these. Damn scanners.

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Oh, first off, this:

Me and Matt Mercer. If you're my friend, just... just read my last entry. You'll now how important this photo is.


And the sketch I'm talking about:

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So I haven't done any art posts since February and since then I've drawn a considerable amount of stuff, but right now I'm going to post what's relevant to me and that's all my pokemon stuff.

Yes, I got SoulSilver and yes, I've created a character OC and yes, I've given all my pokemon team various personalities and quirks and things and I foresee no end to this trend.

I finished my old moleskine a few days before my trip to Italy/Greece, so I bought one of those three-pack skinny-yet-still-big paper-cover moleskine packs. There is one that was dedicated to the trip and I didn't feel like drawing anything else in it, so that will be my trip log of any other trips I go on any time soon. The other two are for drawrin's.

Here's the back and cover:

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