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This has been one of my favorite moleskines to date. I've had it since late summer, and we've been through a lot. I like that I can see improvement in it. I like the memories I have associated with the various pictures. I only have a few pages left, so I'm cramming as many sketches as I can to a page.


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So yeah, this is what I've done over the last.... 20 days? Yeah. a little, and like the last post, the portraits are all of people in my Creative Writing class. I think they started to catch on by now, so I draw them when they're on the podium reading stories and can't focus on me. Muaha. But let's start off with the cover of my moleskine.

This is probably my favorite of the various covers I've done in the past. I'm pleased with how it turned out. I have to fix it up every so often because it fades a bit, but otherwise, it's held up pretty well.
Portraits, Nuzlocke Run and more under the cut )

I'm sorry the pictures are smaller than usual. I had to try a different scanning method that doesn't use Photoshop, as it was causing a lot of issues and crashing a lot. It was much faster and scanned with much more detail, but it's difficult for me to determine what's a good size to resize the pictures for. I'll work on this for the next post.
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Recently I've been sketching a lot of portraits of people in my various classes, mostly in my Film Analysis and Creative Writing, since those are the classes where people tend to stay still for the longest amount of time. Also, Most of them are girls. That's because there are a LOT of girls at my school. In some classes, we have about 1 boy to every 6 girls. Most of the boys sit behind me in class, so the girls are the only ones I see. I wish this was different, since I really do need practice at drawing guys but, eh, what can ya do.

Anyway, here's the drawrins:

Mouse girl, white-dreadlocked, not-a-rip-off-of-Kida girl, and a very gaily colored Link.
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Got a new Moleskine after finishing up the last one. It's one of the larger, soft covered ones. I like the paper in these much more than the one used for the hardback moleskines simply because it scans better. The only big problem is that it's easy to press down too hard on pencils and all and create impressions on the other side. Oh well.

I didn't feel like scanning everything that I've done in it because some pages just weren't interesting or what not.

Porch copied from a picture I took in Greece.

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Lots of sketches under here, some from the moleskines and others from random pieces of paper. The last 9 (except the very last one) are kind of old, some of them drawn last year.

Think I'm going to color this soon. Looks like a fun experience.

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Okay, first off, the WIP.

Worked on this during the livestream and decided the skin needed reworking since it didn't really reflect the light too well. Still experimenting with that.

Here the changes are more obvious. I'm trying to fix Zelda's eyes - I think they look better but I need to clean them up a bit.

And here are two other things that I was working on during the stream )
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Updated with comments because I got distracted and didn't write any the first time :D

This post is nothing but Zelda fanart (and one not-Zelda), since now I can draw Link and Zelda, don't want to stop drawing Link and Zelda, but can't draw Link and Zelda doing normal things. That's why this is a not-safe-for-work/safer-for-work-but-still-nekkid post.

Except this. This is work safe. And the clothes didn't last long. Maybe it's because I can't draw their clothes, as is clearly demonstrated by this picture.

These would be the not safe pics [3] )

These are the safer, cuddlier pics [5] )

Okay, I love my moleskine, but I hate the way the paper scans.
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Decided to draw some of the men on Dexter while watching the show (and Shaycarl). Dexter is an amazing show! I finished season 2 and I need to order season 3, but it's absolutely fantastic.
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Like the title says, thiiis post has some not work safe material. Warning you now. It's mainly nudity or nudity without the naughty bits, but there's one that's more sexual, but with clothes. Yeah, try to make sense of that.

But let's start with the worksafe stuff, yeah?

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In real life news, I've been playing a lot of games lately. Half Life 2, Red Dead Redemption, Portal (which I beat), very fun but I got motion sickness a few times, On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness (the Penny Arcade Game), and also getting back into Fallout 3 and Oblivion, though Oblivion is kind of lame now. Quick reviews - Half Life is scary because I've always hated Ravenholm; Red Dead is ridiculously fun, like a movie, and although John Marsten is a very contradictory character in personality, I can't help but love 'im - he's got that cowboy charm; Portal was fun, I just wish I hadn't known the twists, but I played it far too late in the first place; On the Rain-slick blahdyblah is entertaining but I haven't been able to play it recently; still love Fallout 3; Oblivion is meh.

Okay. Other than that, I've started doing volunteer work at the Children's Hospital which is fun but also takes a chunk of my summer - two 3-hour days and one 7-hour day a week. I work with puppets, monitor a playroom, and help keep the toy stores organized. I thought I would enjoy puppets the most, but the kids I'm working with really don't have a heart for it, and yeah, what we do is silly, but the kids really love it, and at that point, it's not about us. The toy store is just plain boring, but it's the kind of monotonous job that allows you to get some thinking done. So far the play room seems to be the most promising place. There was only one kid that was in there for a while with us today and I drew her a portrait :D Very simple, done with some kind of... dot ... paint... stick thing, but she seemed to like it.

Aaand one last note, I will be out of town next week on a vacation to a place I have already been with people I have already been there with. Nothing will have changed there and so I don't know why we're going again, but we are. And I'm going to miss E3 because of it.

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Okay, another post with lots of pokemon stuff, BUT there is ONE drawing that ISN'T so HA.

After that, you know you want to see more.  )
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I love drawing pokemon! I don't know what it is, they're just a lot of fun to draw. I'll admit I've been doing a lot of fanart recently, but this just sort of happens every so often. I see it as some weird wave of improvement: I have a dead period, then I draw fanart, I improve, and then I start drawing original art. It's a cycle.

Anyway, here you go: two days and three moleskine pages worth of pokemon sketches.

more under heeeere )

I've been trying a different edit style to make the images clearer. The lighter pencil marks don't show up a lot which is a problem since I don't always do heavy outlines on pencil drawings. Does it look alright?
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I'm taking a day off from school. I have wisdom teeth growing in - 4!! - and so we went to the dentist. I'll have to get surgery to remove all of them - 4!!!

But, as long as I'm home, I figured why not post the pictures I scanned last night. So here we go. 40 sketches of madness.

LOTS more under the cut! )

Woo! That's all out of the way. Now onward to February!!
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My tablet has been dead for a little while now. [livejournal.com profile] apple_rocket was using it when it started acting funny. I turned it off, and when it turned back on, it just wouldn't connect. It's been out of commission for a good 4 months now. I finally decided to see if  I could fix the problem when, every time I opened photoshop (about a month ago, for some reason) it would remind me with a message basically saying "Um... hi... Photoshop here. Remember Tablet? He was a good person wasn't he. Well, I can't find him any more, and it'd be really great if you could, I don't know, download a new driver or update him or something, b-because I'm really tired of just being used to, you know, scan and resize stuff, NOT THAT THATS A COMPLAINT, I just want something new... so... yeah. Please?"

Long story short (too late) I downloaded the driver (though it didn't work last time? Whatever.), Bluetooth found it, everything worked fine and even photoshop was much less laggy than it had been when the thing stopped working.

I decided to test photoshop and the tablet out for the first time in forever in a more thorough way, and this came out:

I'll make this more apparent later on (Don't be mistaken: this is a sketch post) but I simply cannot draw Jasmine without making her look fairly old. I don't really mind though. I kind of like how she comes out.

Stuff under here )
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Well, we're half way through Decemeber, so I think it's time for a sketch... dump? Well no not really. Pile? Heap? Um... Yeah, just, here you go.

I have been drawing throughout the last couple weeks, but most of them are doodles on my notes or homework. Those are things I post at the end of the semester (This weekend, btw) so expect those... soon.

Some marker practice. They're some kind of... Indian Ink markers. Pretty awesome. The scanner messed with this one a bit...

more sketches and movie reviews under here! )
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My HootHoot Kaepora finally evolved into a Nightowl. I've been wanting to do creature design recently, so I figured pokemon would be a good place to start practicing. After being inspired by some of Jubilation's pokemon sketches, I decided I should drawing them a little more realistic, but still keeping that pokemon look to 'em.

So I decided to do one of my favorite pokemon designs, Noctowl! Well.... okay, the design on him is kind of lazy, but I think they'd look pretty badass if they were real. Plus they're as tall as me. That's terrifying.

Since I don't draw bird with any regularity, I used some google images as reference.

And now I don't know what to do with the sketch. I guess I could break out the colored pencils and ink and color it that way :7 hmmmmm....
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A boring title pic, but it gets better under the cut. I just felt like drawing a robot.
3 more under the cut. I seem to be doing things in fours. )

It's crazy Kermi, ya'll! And the round guy is a character I sketched at the end of the school year and thought he was pretty damn cute. I just don't have the right purple colored marker to color him in.

I sketched these while watching The Secret of NIHM over youtube with [profile] apple_rocket on YIM. That's Mrs. Brisbey at the top. The woman, deer and... rabbit... bear thing were just random sketches, and the cartoony goth girl I named Elyssa.

Here she is again. I want to make a figurine of her :B

That's all from last night/3 in the morning, and I haven't done anything today, yet. So there may or may not be another post later on.
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Today has been a stressful art day, but, hey, I'm at least drawing.
Also, did you know Mark Summers, the host of Double Dare, the messiest game show on TV in the 90s, was OCD?
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I'm lazy, so I'm just gonna copy pasta from my dA description

It's hard to describe this picture because it has a lot of backstory. Yes that's Link from The Legend of Zelda series, but he's what I like to call my!Link. He lives in an apartment he hand built under my room with my!Zelda [who is a major slut :D]. For the last 4 years, he's gone on many adventures with [livejournal.com profile] gothicdementor  and [profile] apple_rocket  and their characters. The character in the picture is [profile] apple_rocket 's character Welsley. Link has pretty much "adopted" her and has become a fatherly figure in her life.

I know there are a lot of problems with this picture. Hell, I'm just glad I drew a guy for once. But, you know, there's also the issure of "YOU CANT PUT YOUR THUMB DOWN BOTH YOUR SHIRT AND YOUR TRUNKS". I'm gonna try coloring this digitally, BUT I may also redraw it. We'll just have to see.


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