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Like the title says, thiiis post has some not work safe material. Warning you now. It's mainly nudity or nudity without the naughty bits, but there's one that's more sexual, but with clothes. Yeah, try to make sense of that.

But let's start with the worksafe stuff, yeah?

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In real life news, I've been playing a lot of games lately. Half Life 2, Red Dead Redemption, Portal (which I beat), very fun but I got motion sickness a few times, On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness (the Penny Arcade Game), and also getting back into Fallout 3 and Oblivion, though Oblivion is kind of lame now. Quick reviews - Half Life is scary because I've always hated Ravenholm; Red Dead is ridiculously fun, like a movie, and although John Marsten is a very contradictory character in personality, I can't help but love 'im - he's got that cowboy charm; Portal was fun, I just wish I hadn't known the twists, but I played it far too late in the first place; On the Rain-slick blahdyblah is entertaining but I haven't been able to play it recently; still love Fallout 3; Oblivion is meh.

Okay. Other than that, I've started doing volunteer work at the Children's Hospital which is fun but also takes a chunk of my summer - two 3-hour days and one 7-hour day a week. I work with puppets, monitor a playroom, and help keep the toy stores organized. I thought I would enjoy puppets the most, but the kids I'm working with really don't have a heart for it, and yeah, what we do is silly, but the kids really love it, and at that point, it's not about us. The toy store is just plain boring, but it's the kind of monotonous job that allows you to get some thinking done. So far the play room seems to be the most promising place. There was only one kid that was in there for a while with us today and I drew her a portrait :D Very simple, done with some kind of... dot ... paint... stick thing, but she seemed to like it.

Aaand one last note, I will be out of town next week on a vacation to a place I have already been with people I have already been there with. Nothing will have changed there and so I don't know why we're going again, but we are. And I'm going to miss E3 because of it.

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Ugh, I'll make the pictures smaller in the next post. Also, my scanner, like all scanners in the world, for some reason, sucked the color out of some of these. Damn scanners.

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First off, sketches! I scanned the first few with a gray scale setting so they're missing that yellow tinge I love so much that comes with scanning moleskine paper. So sorry about that D:

Yeeah, this is the first of ... like, 6 sketches I have of Morrigan from Darkstalkers. I've never actually played the Darkstalkers game but I do play Puzzle Fighter often and she's my first pick, always. After going to Onicon, I just felt like doing fanart and her design is one of my favorites.

Sketches under here~ )

And Oni-con photos here~ )

And here's the stuff I bought! )

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So school has been hectic, and like usual I haven't really been able to sit down and complete something. But I've ben trying to make time... it's just haaaard ;____;

But anyway, this blog is for sketches, right? That's why it's called einahsketch, no einahletstalkaboutschoollifeallthetimebaw.

And yes, there's some nudity. So yeah.

Drew this on the livestream! Dunno if I'll finish ¦D
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Now please turn into my live stream! Tonight's music theme is various musicals of all types, stages, screens and languages! No idea what I'll draw or what not, but I'll figure something out ;D

Drawn on tonight's livestream!
Worked on the Midna pic a bit... lots of mistakes, but it's a WIP... And a hard one at that. I'm already at 20+ layers [at least 6 of those are reference though...] Photobucket
I was asked to draw kitties and Sweeney Todd. Well... Here you go. Sweeney Todd kitties.
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So here's the art post I promised! Some of these are pretty recent, like the rat drawing below. Others go back to 9th grade, maybe even 8th.
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So unlike my usual post where I upload pictures generally in order of which they were drawn... I decided to scan the ones I like the most first since for all I know my computer could go Kablooey any second.

[btw, my computer went Kablooey once. All the rest was okey dokey.]


Also, all of these are from my moleskine journal :]

God I friggin hate lj-cut with a passion. There are SO many things that LJ needs to fix, the only reason I stick around is because I enjoy posting my art when it works and my flist is AWESOME.

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I bought a new Moleskin journal [a size up from my usual, but still easy to cary around] the day after Christmas. I've been drawing in it on and off, even doodling for 5 hours straight Saturday morning [you know, from 2 to 6 am or some crazy number like that. I as chillin' with friends.]

All I've uploaded from is the Josephine headshot, I believe, so these are the other sketches that are inside, including more Josephine doodles and my water color practices.

Highlighter and pencil.  Nothing fantastic, Just here to indicate that this is, in fact, an art entry.
Also the first drawing in the Moleskin.

My categories, let me show you them:
Watercolor )
Josephine the Pirate Queen )
Other sketches )

School starts tomorrow. Will this mean more or less sketches? I have no idea. I'll keep you posted.
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Just a character I decided to make up. Looked like a lesbian when I drew her, soooooooo....

More sketches here! )
I hate school .__________________.

And that's all! My birthday's in two days! So excited! :D
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I feel good tonight <3

Duck duck duk duck duck duck GOOSE! ... well, girl. You get it.


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