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Lots of sketches under here, some from the moleskines and others from random pieces of paper. The last 9 (except the very last one) are kind of old, some of them drawn last year.

Think I'm going to color this soon. Looks like a fun experience.

more under here. Some nudity, nothing too scarring. )
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Oh, first off, this:

Me and Matt Mercer. If you're my friend, just... just read my last entry. You'll now how important this photo is.


And the sketch I'm talking about:

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So I haven't done any art posts since February and since then I've drawn a considerable amount of stuff, but right now I'm going to post what's relevant to me and that's all my pokemon stuff.

Yes, I got SoulSilver and yes, I've created a character OC and yes, I've given all my pokemon team various personalities and quirks and things and I foresee no end to this trend.

I finished my old moleskine a few days before my trip to Italy/Greece, so I bought one of those three-pack skinny-yet-still-big paper-cover moleskine packs. There is one that was dedicated to the trip and I didn't feel like drawing anything else in it, so that will be my trip log of any other trips I go on any time soon. The other two are for drawrin's.

Here's the back and cover:

way more under the cut )


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