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Sorry people, lots of stress at school, but I should be able to free up some time this weekend for scanning! My computer is up and running and my scanner is set.

The only problem right now has to do with the computer lacking bluetooh/not being able to recognize a bluetooth adapter, thus I cannot use my tablet until that gets worked out. But I need to use my tablet soon for a project, so we're searching the house for this huge huge huge old tablet that my dad's friend lent to me and.. hasn't... asked for it back yet. It's somewhere deep in the bowels of our garage, apparently. I couldn't find it. It's like the Where's Waldo of tablets.

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I did this all in Computer Science at 9 in the morning. We are working on html codes. My assignment was to make anything that used each of the ... code thingies.



Bill: Well I certainly don't know.

Sally: That is my ONLY SHOE that is missing and it's the ONLY ONE that matches this dress!

This conversation between Bill and Sally was all started by a single shoe.

But what they didn't know was that the shoe itself was the one that ran away.


Sally: *standing over Bill now* Well then maybe you should help me find it.

Bill: *under Sally* ... fine.


*Actually not all that magical.

Sally: Oh dear! It's the FBI!

Bill: OMG! We're going to DIE :|

Sally: Bill, did you know that "God" splled backwards is "god"?

Bill: I did not know that. Thank you Sally for that wonderfully random infromation :]

Sally: This conversation has been brought to you by:


FBI: The hell?



Sally: His hand is backwards.

Bill: All the more reason to run.





This was all brought to you by:


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Period One: Computer Science
We took a quiz worked on a worksheet and then took another quiz.
Why this was weird: We never get worksheets in this class. Also, I've never taken two quizzes in one class. Ever. [Unless I was absent]

Period Two: English
The teacher yelled at me because of a mistake another person in our group made and because I didn't know what "lops" meant when it was "clearly a typo. Yeah, a typo the teacher made. Plus I looked up the definition of "lop" and it makes sense! At the time anyway...
Hell, it's still morning, My brain can think what it wants.
Why this was weird: Actually, it's not. That teacher just likes to yell at people.

Period Three: AP World History
This class wasn't weird :B We just took notes.

Period Four: Spanish 3
First, we went to go wish my History teacher a Happy Birthday, and the song that we sung does not even once mention the words, in Spanish, "Happy Birthday." Plus no one knows how to sing [it]. When we got back, he put us into groups and we read a story that went like this: A poor guy marries a rich, bitchy girl for her money. No one would marry her because she was so mean, but this guy did. And to put her in his place, he did the most ASSHOLE THING A MAN COULD EVER DO TO HIS NEWLY WED WIFE. First, he told the dog "fetch me a pail of water so I may clean my hands." And the dog was all like "lolwat?" And when the dog didn't do what he wanted to, he beheaded it :| BUT THATS NOT ALL. He then asked the cat the same thing. And the cat was like "no." and then he SLAMMED IT INTO THE WALL. BUT THEN. He asked his only horse the same thing. And it was just like "S:|" and so HE BEHEADS HIS ONLY HORSE. He asks the same thing of his wife and she's all like "HOLY SHIT OKAY." And he has total and complete control of her through FEAR. BUT THATS. NOT. ALL. The moral of this story wasn't "freaking a woman out puts her back in the kitchen", but had to do with his father, who in the last paragraph of the story went up to his wife and was like "Get me some water or I'll kill this dog." And she was like "Bitch, plz >:|" and the moral was something like "IF IT WORKS FOR YOUR SON, IT WONT WORK FOR YOU YOU OLD HACK."
Why this was weird:
DO I NEED TO EXPLAIN?! I mean, SERIOUSLY! Not to mention that we read this story in English. But that's not weird. We rarely do anything Spanish related in that class.

For Theater, I borrowed part of a pottery spiny thing ["u"shaped, pretty large and kinda heavy] and was carrying it around during lunch. Lunch only. Suddenly, our school's police office comes over and asks me what I'm going to do with it. I said it was for theater. Then he told me to put it away because he was afraid I was going to hit my friend Olivia, who was at the time resting her head on my lap, over the head with it. 

Me: "wat :|"
Officer: "I'm afraid you're going to hit someone with it."
Me: "Sir, I'm not going to hit anyone with this. I need it for class."
Officer: "Can you put it away?"
Me: "I'm going to take it to the teacher after lunch..."
Officer: "Why don't you do it now?"
Me: "Because she doesn't let anyone into her room during lunch, usually."
Officer: "... okay, but what if you hit [Olivia] with it."
Me: "Why would I hit one of my best friends with a giant metallic object when she's not doing anything wrong?"
Officer: "..."

The last time he confronted me, it was because I slammed the car door. Because i was pissed. AT HIM. And he stopped me on the way to class and asked me, directly, "Do you love your family?"

Me: "um...wat?"
Officer: "Do you love your family?"
Me: "Uh... yes?"
Officer: "Then why did you slam the door?"
Me: "I... didn't."
Officer: "..."
Me: "..."

Why this is weird: ...alkjfewaijfwaeijfwao DO I NEED TO EXPLAIN?

Period Five: Algebra 2
Was normal and boring :D

Period Six: Theater 1
I gave a kid a "bone"-r :D
Why this was weird:
Well, nothing's weird in this class. The day before, I "made-out/had sex" with a gay guy in the back of a movie theater. In theater class mind you.

Period Seven: Chemistry
Olivia and I discussed Guro, cp, and vaginas. We got many a strange look from the substitute, who kept coming over to see if we were doing our work, which we were, btw.
Why this was weird: How many chemistry classes have you been where you talk about vaginas and Japanese horror manga?

Leaving school:
Again, the officer caused this weirdness. While exiting the school parking lot, the police officer stopped our car to ask us why the lady in front of us was mad.
Why this was weird: HOW THE HELL SHOULD WE KNOW?

At home:
When my dog, Punkin', first moved in, she was always playing with a talking Kougra plushie I got or my 11th birthday [Kougra from Neopets, looks like a tiger]. My mom called this toy "Tigie" and would ask her "Where's your tigie?" and Punkin' would find her toy and bring it back or play with it or protect it or whatever. Tigie is long since destroyed, but every time she gets a new toy  it inherits the title of "Tigie" until it also ruined and she moves on to a new one. [Past toys include: a rubber duck, a squeaky toy cat, a koala toy, the cap of a ramune bottle, a stuffed frog (and eventually, just its legs) etc.] Well, today, Punkin' found her new Tigie: a rock.


She chases it around, throws it, tries to pick it up, whatever she can do with it, she'll try it.
Why this is weird: ITS A ROCK 8|

And that was my very weird Tuesday.


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A week or so ago it snowed. It SNOWED in Houston. That is a rare event. Especially here. In Houston.

But UGH. There has been smog/fog all over the city for the last 3 days. Granted, it's gone now-sorta, but I haven't seen a clear lue sky in two long.  This makes me sad.

Oni-con is this weekend. I can go if I get a C average in my Algebra course this semester. I'm terrified. I took the test today and there was one question I wasn't sure about - multiple choice, very simple wording, cost 18 points off my test. 18 points! So all day I've been paranoid - was the answer C? Did I get anything else wrong?

I hate that class sooooo much, I don't want to lose my chance to take a break from school for a stupid missed question that he didn't explain well enough.

Oh man, I'm going to scream if I failed that tests. Pleeeeease don't let me fail this test D:
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Cut for boobies )
On a side note, "finals" start this week, so... well, I don't know. I think I will be on the internet a lot, I won't lie. Still, I can't wait for the week to end. Hopefully I can still go to Oni-con. I'm really worried dad is going to call me out on my grades and not allow me to go...

But back to the picture. What looks better? Black or white? Opinions opinions...

Just noticed: HOLY CRAP no vagina xD I need to fix that...
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Our school is going to put on a production of Alice in Wonderland. It's going to be in essense of Tim Burton and American McGee's Alice in Wonderland. I'm designing the sets for two scenes, one of which involves the White Queen and is really just a follow up to an already set scene, and the second on is where Alice meets Humpty Dumpty. You can see my insane and not at all accurate to what it will really look like rendition here.

A lot of the play takes place in forests so many of our tree cut outs will be reused. After doing the trees for my rendition picture, I found them to be quite fun and did some more. I'll be presenting these to my teacher and hopefully she'll consider.
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For the first day of school, I brought my mole skin journal to school with the intention of using it soley for notes and inevtiably doodling in it as well. I started drawing in 3rd period, where the teacher's room [filled with art and projects from previous years] inspired me to draw something. This isn't it, though I think I began drawing the frog around the time I was cloloring the picture frome that class [all will make sense soon, trust me.] Around 4th period, where the new, skittish never-ever-taught-before math teacher was shakingly telling us about his syllabus, I stole my friend's colored pencils and began coloring my skeches. It was quite coo'.

After lunch came AP World History, a class that I'm.... anxious about. There's a lot of reading involved, something I'm bad at when it comes to text books, but at least she assigns pages each day as opposed to last year... Mr. Swenson just said "read this and there'll be a test these two days" which causes major slacking for me. I usually need to be told what to do STRAIGHT OUT, something I'm hopin gto get over this year.

Back to the picture. It's unfinished, clearly, but I'm going to finish it within the next few days. I was copying an image of a butterfly the teacher had on a large.... blanket, I think, that was on the wall across from where I was sitting. I used highlighters to color it and it's much brighter in person. Scanners tend to like to eat colors and make them seem dull...

But it didn't do that with my next sketch!

I was coloring this all day, mainly in Math because I had the colored pencils, and later in other classes, inking here, a bit of highlighter there. I had a lot of fun with it. It's nspired but a lot of various pieces I've seen on dA recently, particularly this. The caption's weird, I know, but I put the word "Cityscape" too far to the left so I had to balance it out.

I'm doooone D:


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