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Recently I've been sketching a lot of portraits of people in my various classes, mostly in my Film Analysis and Creative Writing, since those are the classes where people tend to stay still for the longest amount of time. Also, Most of them are girls. That's because there are a LOT of girls at my school. In some classes, we have about 1 boy to every 6 girls. Most of the boys sit behind me in class, so the girls are the only ones I see. I wish this was different, since I really do need practice at drawing guys but, eh, what can ya do.

Anyway, here's the drawrins:

Mouse girl, white-dreadlocked, not-a-rip-off-of-Kida girl, and a very gaily colored Link.
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Lots of sketches under here, some from the moleskines and others from random pieces of paper. The last 9 (except the very last one) are kind of old, some of them drawn last year.

Think I'm going to color this soon. Looks like a fun experience.

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Okay, another post with lots of pokemon stuff, BUT there is ONE drawing that ISN'T so HA.

After that, you know you want to see more.  )
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First papercraft of the summer, and definitely not last!

Video freezes every so often, and I wish I had better pictures of the final product, but my camera is currently out of commission. The end result is sloppy and jagged, but I'm still learning how to make these things properly and without making a mess, so go easy on me?
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Colored a sketch that was sitting in my moleskine. Sketch post to come when I'm in the mood.

I love drawing Gengars so much xD Gamete is one of my strongest pokemon, special attack wise. He kicks ass.

Ignore the dress hem, ignore the legs, ignore the other weird problems, and you'll be good.

I'm going to go download some music.

Also, I always forget to say this, but often when I'm coloring something, I'm listening to [livejournal.com profile] made_of_fail_pc , a fantastic podcast. This recent episode was no exception - I'm no fan off horror but I really enjoyed listening to everyone on the show talk about the Nightmare on Elmstreet remake. Check it out!
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I love drawing pokemon! I don't know what it is, they're just a lot of fun to draw. I'll admit I've been doing a lot of fanart recently, but this just sort of happens every so often. I see it as some weird wave of improvement: I have a dead period, then I draw fanart, I improve, and then I start drawing original art. It's a cycle.

Anyway, here you go: two days and three moleskine pages worth of pokemon sketches.

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I've been trying a different edit style to make the images clearer. The lighter pencil marks don't show up a lot which is a problem since I don't always do heavy outlines on pencil drawings. Does it look alright?
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Ugh, I'll make the pictures smaller in the next post. Also, my scanner, like all scanners in the world, for some reason, sucked the color out of some of these. Damn scanners.

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Oh, first off, this:

Me and Matt Mercer. If you're my friend, just... just read my last entry. You'll now how important this photo is.


And the sketch I'm talking about:

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So I haven't done any art posts since February and since then I've drawn a considerable amount of stuff, but right now I'm going to post what's relevant to me and that's all my pokemon stuff.

Yes, I got SoulSilver and yes, I've created a character OC and yes, I've given all my pokemon team various personalities and quirks and things and I foresee no end to this trend.

I finished my old moleskine a few days before my trip to Italy/Greece, so I bought one of those three-pack skinny-yet-still-big paper-cover moleskine packs. There is one that was dedicated to the trip and I didn't feel like drawing anything else in it, so that will be my trip log of any other trips I go on any time soon. The other two are for drawrin's.

Here's the back and cover:

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Mar. 25th, 2010 09:05 pm
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I've been back from my trip for a while (I'll talk more about it in another entry!) and I've been reeeeeally busy, so there hasn't been much time for livejournal. I have done a lot of arting though, so expect a sketch post soon! I hope I get time this weekend :B

I also got SoulSilver! Please add me, and give me your Platnium/Pearl/Diamond FC too, since they're compatible. I mean, if you're still active with those games. I know I'm not, really.

Name: Robin
Friend code: 4340 4833 8703

Because of SoulSilver I've been drawing a lot of pokemans. Well, more like the same 3. I realize how much I love Cyndaquil.

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In 9th grade, I made my first Speakerdog. It was cute, and I planned on making more. I made one other, and then stopped.

2 years later, I somehow came across papecraft projects of all sorts of things I loved: Zelda, Nintendo, Pokemon, and more. It wasn't long before I found myself starting the small hobby back up again. Here's what I've made so far (in order):

Spirit Tracks Link!

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First off, sketches! I scanned the first few with a gray scale setting so they're missing that yellow tinge I love so much that comes with scanning moleskine paper. So sorry about that D:

Yeeah, this is the first of ... like, 6 sketches I have of Morrigan from Darkstalkers. I've never actually played the Darkstalkers game but I do play Puzzle Fighter often and she's my first pick, always. After going to Onicon, I just felt like doing fanart and her design is one of my favorites.

Sketches under here~ )

And Oni-con photos here~ )

And here's the stuff I bought! )

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I'll just get straight into. Disney pics coming... some time.
Also, 4 sections: Red String, Disney, Alex the Pokemon Platnium Trainer, and the rest of the crap.
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First of all, YAAAAY COOKIIIIES! They're chocolate chip and walnut, we double the recipe, tripled the chocolate and the cookies are twice as big as the recipe calls for. And they are yummeh. Very sticky dough though. And now I smell like butter. I can post the recipe if anyone's interested.

Anyway, I finished up a digital piece today!

It's big so you can see all the mistakes! :D )
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My HootHoot Kaepora finally evolved into a Nightowl. I've been wanting to do creature design recently, so I figured pokemon would be a good place to start practicing. After being inspired by some of Jubilation's pokemon sketches, I decided I should drawing them a little more realistic, but still keeping that pokemon look to 'em.

So I decided to do one of my favorite pokemon designs, Noctowl! Well.... okay, the design on him is kind of lazy, but I think they'd look pretty badass if they were real. Plus they're as tall as me. That's terrifying.

Since I don't draw bird with any regularity, I used some google images as reference.

And now I don't know what to do with the sketch. I guess I could break out the colored pencils and ink and color it that way :7 hmmmmm....


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