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This has been one of my favorite moleskines to date. I've had it since late summer, and we've been through a lot. I like that I can see improvement in it. I like the memories I have associated with the various pictures. I only have a few pages left, so I'm cramming as many sketches as I can to a page.


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So uh....

Oct. 18th, 2010 11:05 pm
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Guess who just got re-obsessed with Neopets?

Neofriend me?

And if you don't have an account, least check out my userlookup.
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When I first found out about Neopets, I was in 4th grade. I was introduced by my friend Daniel and was hooked automatically. I already enjoyed virtual pets video games, like Petz and the Choa mini game in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, and I loved creatures, thanks to my Pokemon obsession. So a site that involved taking care of those crazy creatures? Heck yes!

Let me introduce you to my first account that I got attached to, fruitroll_fan. I still log onto this account occassionally, and it's well over 6 years old. It wasn't my first account, but it was the first one that I became dedicated to. It was also one of my first dips into the world of personas, where I created my Neopets alter ego fruitroll_fan.

She... didn't have much of a personality, or at least, not a unique one. She was a little scatter brained and... well, I guess you could say she's Tohru with battling Neopets. Also, she has blue hair with red highlights. 'nuff said.
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I'm kinda sick right now and feel kinda bad, so I'm actually going to stop the post here and pick it up whenever I can. I'm going to the ranch on Friday so I won't be back until Sunday.

So... cliff hanger?


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