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Well, we're half way through Decemeber, so I think it's time for a sketch... dump? Well no not really. Pile? Heap? Um... Yeah, just, here you go.

I have been drawing throughout the last couple weeks, but most of them are doodles on my notes or homework. Those are things I post at the end of the semester (This weekend, btw) so expect those... soon.

Some marker practice. They're some kind of... Indian Ink markers. Pretty awesome. The scanner messed with this one a bit...

more sketches and movie reviews under here! )
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I promised I'd come back to dA.
I promised I'd post Disney pictures.
I promised I do a series of posts looking back on bad art.
And I ... kinda did those. But not fully.

... But if there's one thing I can promise, it's that I CANT STOP DRAWING DISNEY PRINCESS FANART. For some reason, I draw Ariel and Belle a lot. A few Cinderellas and such here and there though.

I tried to record a video of me doing this but for some reason it did not save properly and I can't access it. I saved it as an .avi file but it's a very small file size, so I doubt it actually recorded or saved fully (since the length or recording was probably 40 minutes long). The video recorder gives me the option of saving things as a .swf file but I did a test run and it just opened up a blank firefox page. Not entirely sure what to do...

Anyway, here's the picture I did.

... Yup, that's Belle alright. This... kind of isn't done I think? I might try shading and stuff, fix it a bit, clean it up, but I kind of like the simplicity.

Okay, shamefully, I lost my copy of Beauty and the Beast in the Great "I'm A Big Girl" Genocide of... 20...04 or something. I lost practically all of my VHSs somehow and I regret it. But I was in Half Price Books today and I found a video section! EEEI! Full of kids films, mostly, but lots of Disney stuff. I was only able to get a copy of Beauty and the Beast (for $4), no idea if it works, but I plan on going back when I have some money to get some other titles. Hopefully Fantasia 2000 and Prince of Egypt are still there.

EDIT: Also! I saw District 9 today and it was one of the funnest movie going experiences I have had this summer! I found myself rooting SO HARD for the aliens, I was fist pumping the air in my head whenever something good happened for the aliens. It was incredibly awesome, even if I was sitting next to a chatty, smelly smoker and a kid that was WAY TOO VOCAL about when something was awesome [with the help of his dad.] And aesome things happened a lot, sooo...

I've actually been thinking about doing some fanart for it, in the shape of Christopher and his son. Those two characters really resonated with me and I'm not entirely sure why, but I want to draw them. Plus I don't draw aliens or monsters very frequently so it'll be good practice. And the aliens just... looked... AWESOME. My favorite part of them was the little claw hand things on their stomach area. So cute! I just need to fid some good reference.  The commercials have some nice closeups, maybe that?
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My ode to summer. FARE THEE WELL ;___; Anatomy is off, but oh well D:

On a totally random note, my favorite summer song is "Summertime" by Aaron Carter. I remember when it first came on Radio Disney, I was rockin to it. I still call in every once in a while trying to see if I can get a request in, simply out of fun. I always ask for that song or "Miss Independent" by Kelly Clarkson, because those are the songs that really stand out at me from back when I listened to RD. I've only gotten through once or twice though, and never have been put on the internet. Fail to me!


So. School starts tomorrow. Yup yup, and do you know what this means?

This means doodles. Doodles in the masses. I love doodling in class, despite how "bad" it is for my education.

Am I happy summer is over? No, not really. Sure it got boring towards the end of it, but I did enjoy the first month and the various trips. I had a lot of fun this summer! I mean, sure, not the most productive *stares at to-do list* but I enjoyed it. I still have to finish the Boys of Summer picture I've been working on for almost a year now [October will be the first anniversary of its existence, I think], start my cosplay, finish my Disney Female Leads thing [stopped at Pocahontas, #12 out of 62 D:] and even finish summer reading, but that's all good.

And next summer? Totally totally forcing dad to ACTUALLY get me driving lessons and piano lessons. I don't care who's with or not with me, I just want to get those two things out of the way.

As far as school goes, I'm excited. I mean, not exstatic, but I don't have Mr. Rodriguez, my terrible horrible art teacher, so that's a start. My electives are Computer Science, which I know nothing about, and Theater Arts. The teacher is good I hear, and all my friends love that class, but due to really weird nerves, I find myself getting very tense in front of other people. Maybe I'll get over that with this class.

Other classes are the usual: Chemistry, which I'm anxious about but apparently the class is easy so long as you do the work, Spanish, Algebra with "Mr. Vacancy" [teacher hasn't been found yet?], World History with a new teacher and English with a teacher who they say comes in class with a hangover sometimes, so yay?

I'm not looking foward to the jerks from my school though. Said jerks would be a socially awkward kleptomaniac, an asshole who lets people piss him off way to easily thus causing people to make fun of him thus making him an asshole, and then the various other name calling jerks out there. Ah, and of course there's the inevitable- and evil, evil machine. The Snack Machine *hiss* It bring me in with it's eyes, I swear it.

Ha, I'm rabbling. You're here for the art. You're not gonna read this!

EXTRA! Hamlet 2

Being the last day of summer, Katie, Morgan, Janay, and I headed over to the theater to drink some milkshakes and see a movie. We snuck into Hamlet 2 right as the Herpes commercial was playing, so I don't know if we missed the background of the main character or what, but what we missed could have been drastic because I am missing something with this film.

I liked it but it was too short to get any real character development done other than the teacher. The other kids - being the ones in the play the teacher wrote, "Hamlet 2" - also develop but off camera and with no real depth.

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone anyway. The focal point of the film, the actual play, is more entertaining than the movie itself but doesn't live up to the hype. Still, the soundtrack for the movie is funny.

And yeah, that's it really. I don't remember much about it. I've been terrible with remembering movies as of late, including The Dark Knight, which I need to see again btw.


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