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Posting the things I've scanned for Tumblr, so this isn't my entire sketch book or anything. I figured I'd put mini-dumps here and there, since I'm starting to scan more for other sites than this one.

So, I guess if you want to see these things ahead of time, check my Tumblr.

Concepts for Estrella, a character for a children's story in Creative Writing that I'm still trying to figure out. The basic story is that she wants to become a star (literal star), until she learns about the size of the universe and begins to feel insignificant. Then... SOMETHING, some kind of mystical-but-not-really-because-I-don't-want-to-suggest-that force remedies those thoughts.

Like I said, working on it.

Have I ever posted Fritty here? Yes, no? Okay, I consider Fritty to be my first original character, even though I hesitate to use the word "original." He was heavily based off a Pikachu knock-off I made. (Basically Pikachu painted brown with black stripes and given a machine gun and a puffy tail. Yeah, don't ask.) Despite not really developing much, I still love the little guy, as he represents an important step in the evolution of my art. This is my first time drawing him in a very long time, since once I started to stray from my anime-phase, which he is linked to in some ways, I drew him  less and less. So a bit of a redesign here, just in the eyes and markings. He used to be far more cartoony and stupid looking.

Also, another character, this one I assume your recognize, Josephine the Pirate Queen. I've been reworking her to fit a children's story (in poem form) while also being accessible to an adult audience. Or perhaps making her an adult character accessible to the younger audience. I have no idea. Again, Creative Writing is a part of this.

Big difference here is her hair. It's less afro-y when she's younger, and becomes rounder as she gets older. I've always struggled with drawing this character, so I'm glad I sort of have a grasp on her now. My favorite is the sketch of her and the rat - I just love the shading.

What, you thought I'd do a sketch dump and NOT include some LinkxZelda sexy times? Please.

This started off as a rather innocent sequential kiss study (lack of clothes explained by the fact that I just didn't FEEL like it, kay?) but evolved into something less innocent. If you want to read it properly, start in the middle, go down left, right, up, left.

To be honest though, it actually turned into something else: a hand and movement study. When it got to positioning the bodies, I thought about how the hands would move, which is why it turned sequential (which was not my original intention). Though anatomy is kind of shot, I do sort of like the awkwardness of the positioning, like it was unplanned. 
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So yeah, this is what I've done over the last.... 20 days? Yeah. a little, and like the last post, the portraits are all of people in my Creative Writing class. I think they started to catch on by now, so I draw them when they're on the podium reading stories and can't focus on me. Muaha. But let's start off with the cover of my moleskine.

This is probably my favorite of the various covers I've done in the past. I'm pleased with how it turned out. I have to fix it up every so often because it fades a bit, but otherwise, it's held up pretty well.
Portraits, Nuzlocke Run and more under the cut )

I'm sorry the pictures are smaller than usual. I had to try a different scanning method that doesn't use Photoshop, as it was causing a lot of issues and crashing a lot. It was much faster and scanned with much more detail, but it's difficult for me to determine what's a good size to resize the pictures for. I'll work on this for the next post.
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I'm taking a day off from school. I have wisdom teeth growing in - 4!! - and so we went to the dentist. I'll have to get surgery to remove all of them - 4!!!

But, as long as I'm home, I figured why not post the pictures I scanned last night. So here we go. 40 sketches of madness.

LOTS more under the cut! )

Woo! That's all out of the way. Now onward to February!!
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I'll just get right into. There will be limited commentary on this one because I want to go to bed ¦D

More sketches under the cut! )
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Okey dokey, here are some more sketches.

I'm still drawing Josephine xD I just never tire of her design.

This was originally just a test for a new outfit or something, but somhow turned into "Older Josephine", like, in her mid 40s or something.
And to the left, class, is a horribly written poem made up at the end of Stanford testing about Josephine.

More sketches under the cut! )
And here's a drawing by my cousin!

I remember when I was into drawing sunsets.
Good times... Gooood times.
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Just some sketches I've done for the past two weeks. I haven't really been able to sketch this week because of the hourlies ._____.

Click for some more :D )

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I bought a new Moleskin journal [a size up from my usual, but still easy to cary around] the day after Christmas. I've been drawing in it on and off, even doodling for 5 hours straight Saturday morning [you know, from 2 to 6 am or some crazy number like that. I as chillin' with friends.]

All I've uploaded from is the Josephine headshot, I believe, so these are the other sketches that are inside, including more Josephine doodles and my water color practices.

Highlighter and pencil.  Nothing fantastic, Just here to indicate that this is, in fact, an art entry.
Also the first drawing in the Moleskin.

My categories, let me show you them:
Watercolor )
Josephine the Pirate Queen )
Other sketches )

School starts tomorrow. Will this mean more or less sketches? I have no idea. I'll keep you posted.
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Went out to a post-Christmas dinner with some of my dad's family. Before, during, and after, came up with this character. It originally started as what would be a water color test when I got home, but then I began actually liking the drawing and didn't want to screw it up with my amateurish watercolor skills.


Read more about Josephine the Pirate Queen! )


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