Sep. 21st, 2010 10:09 pm
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We're okay. Doing okay. This is good.

Microeconomics is a week away from tanking though.
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So back in March, I went on a week long vacation with some folks from school to Rome, Italy and Athens, Greece. Over the course of the trip, I took over 1000 photos, many of which, I feel, capture the beauty and life of the cities, the ruins, the country side and everything in between that the trip had to offer. They're all on facebook, since it would take far too long to post them all individually to livejournal. These are the "share-with-anyone" links, so you don't need a facebook account to see them.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

And here are the photos from last year's Disneyworld trip if you're interested in those.

Part 1

Part 2

I think photography is an abused hobby of mine. I wish I did more of it.

There are a lot of photos, so please don't feel obliged to look at all of them. I'm just posting this for anyone that's interested.
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Sorry for lack of art posting. I've had friends over constantly this weekend thanks to marathons and exploding A/C units. Not much time to draw (and when I do draw, it's nothing worth posting), and the free time I do get I generally spend sleeping or interneting. Or watching movies. Netflix has a really great list of instant-watch movies!

I guess there's one thing I can show you.

Cd cover I made for a mix CD I made for my boyfriend I made. Wait, what?

I did not spell "mellon" wrong. Swear it. Inside joke and what not.

There's a really cool spider on my desk.
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So thanks to the guys over at Penny Arcade and their fantastic webseries, I've become a huge fan of the chiptune/8-bit genre almost over night.

My favorite guys right now are

Alex Mauer:
Henry Winstanley:
Cheap Dinosaur:
and Oven Rake:

I also downloaded a huge collection of music form 8-Bit People, so that gave me an additional 500 songs to listen to.

I don't know why this genre appeals to me so much. I think it is has something to do with my recently acquiring that ridiculous keyboard. This is the kind of music that I can create, and wnat to try making on day.

Anyway, thought I'd share my new love :D


Mar. 25th, 2010 09:05 pm
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I've been back from my trip for a while (I'll talk more about it in another entry!) and I've been reeeeeally busy, so there hasn't been much time for livejournal. I have done a lot of arting though, so expect a sketch post soon! I hope I get time this weekend :B

I also got SoulSilver! Please add me, and give me your Platnium/Pearl/Diamond FC too, since they're compatible. I mean, if you're still active with those games. I know I'm not, really.

Name: Robin
Friend code: 4340 4833 8703

Because of SoulSilver I've been drawing a lot of pokemans. Well, more like the same 3. I realize how much I love Cyndaquil.

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Hey guys! I'm going off to Dallas to spend Christmas with my aunts. If I get a chance, I'll make a post about the Christmas cookies dad and I make every year, the recipe, technique, and lots of christmassy picture! Plus a small art dump maybe?

blah blah irl blah )
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I wish I had something to talk about.

But I really don't.

Life has been... well. A little busy. I have... three [technically four] tests next week, two quizzes, and a lab write up all due this week. Which kind of makes me want to kill myself, but I'll be rewarded with.... a weekend, three more days of school, then a trip to San Antonio to celebrate Thanksgiving and my mom's birthday. Then ten more days until my birthday!

Also, since I know my mom doesn't read my blog, check out the cake I'm making her for her birthday: October Spice Cake

Pray it turns out good! I'm also making her a personalized iPhone skin, and I'm gonna have to get that done... asap. I have no idea what the design will be. I'm thinking of something very simple, especially with all the shit I have to do this week. Plus it'll look better that way?

In other news, dad bought Modern Warfare 2. But he gets motion sickness when he plays, so he hasn't been messing with it much. So while he and mom were out last night, I decided to try my hand at it.

I was pretty devastated when it got to the third level. If you don't know, basically you're assigned as an undercover agent to work with some Russian terrorist organization to shoot up an airport. They throw you right into this and don't give you any warning, so it's you, four guys with big guns exiting an elevator and then killing a good 20 people seconds later. I was in such shock that I didn't shoot anyone, since these were innocent people and, hell, I ain't no terrorist. When the S.W.A.T. team came, I had no choice but to shoot, but jesus. That was not a fun experience.

The snow level though, oh man. That was amazing. The whole snow mobile section was exhilarating!

And the whole level where all the fighting is in some American neighborhood was shocking for the first few minutes, then it dragged on and.... well, I was fine after that. But then I also got sick, so I stopped playing.

So yeah, fun game, but a little clunky and... really... really shocking.

And now for something completely different.

I love Lady Gaga and I want to father her children.
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Mind you, this conversation is all paraphrased and pieced together from what I can remember, which may be a bit skewed by the shock I felt during the situation. You can ask my friends as to how true the information is. I'm not trying to paint the waiter out to be an ass, but he was an ass.

Gather 'round, children, and listen to the old and ancient tale, passed down from day to day since Friday night, entitled.... THE TALE OF THE ASSHOLE WAITER *thunder crash*

Onicon was this last weekend. Out of all my con experience, it was my first one where I got to stay in a hotel room and my first one where I didn't hang out all Friday. Instead, Friday consisted of going to a school dance, not dancing at that school dance, singing, yelling about lost phones, and hanging out at the school until 11. I went with a posse that consisted of Katie ([profile] apple_rocket ), Olivia ([info]battari_kakiin), Morgan ([ profile] gothicdementor), and Katie's brother and our lovely driver, Caleb. All that not-dancing and not-having-any-real-food-all-day-since-people-were-just-giving-out-candy [a problem that would plague us through the weekend] resulted us working up quite an appetite, so while trying to find our way to the hotel, we go to 59 Diner to have a quick meal.

We are no strangers to 59 Diner. It's the place my friends and I go whenever we're craving something late at night. It's seen us at all hours of the day, and usually after events like going to see Rocky Horror, cons, plays, etc, sometimes in groups of 15 or more. I don't think I've had real food from there in a while, since I just ordered a malt [yeah, despite that statement earlier about candy, I did manage to cram a sandwhich down before going off to the dance for 5 hours].

We get there and we're seated at a booth. It's a 4-person booth, and there were 5 of us, so Caleb was sort of crammed between Olivia and me but I don't think he was too uncomfortable. Then our waiter comes over. He's this flamboyant gay man, probably in his mid 40s or something, and is loud and not shying away from attention of any sort.

He introduces himself and asks "Do you guys want to move to a different table? It would be hard to fit 5 plates on one table so we can move you..."

I respond saying "Oh, no I think we'll be okay cuz I know not all of us are going to be ordering... like, a plate meal..."

And the waiter stares at me and the interrupts, saying "Do you always talk like that?"

"Yes?" I respond, in some matter. I think I said it in a joking way. That or a confused way.

"Cuz it's really annoying."


"Do you guys agree? Does she always talk like that? It's annoying right?"

And he keeps going. I don't know what else he said. I remember him taking drink orders, me making some come back of "I'd like to order a new waiter." him making some remark and then leaving to get our drinks. And while we had all been laughing nerveously throughout the exchange, after he left we immediately began trying to figure out WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED. What had I said? How had I said it? Was it the way I speak? My voice is naturally at a lower register than most girls, I can't do anything to stop that. When explaining something, I tend to do that spacey thing girls do when they're trying to be awkward and cute, but not on purpose. WHAT MADE ME ANNOYING. Of course, we didn't put too much thought into it after we shifted gears pretty quickly into figuring out what was wrong with HIM instead of me. The question continued to run through my head for a bit until I realized he's just an asshole.

He comes back around, gives us our drinks, leaves, comes back, and when he's taking our food orders, the waiter decides to pseudo-apologize. I say this, because it was more an excuse than an apology. Something along the lines of [and I love the way Olivia sounds when she immitates him] "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to insult you, you seemed hurt by what I said, I just come from a family of assholes, we're used to this sort of thing, learn from me." All in his extremely loud and annoying voice.

See, thing is, dude... I'm your customer. I'm YOUR client. YOUR pay depends on MY tip. And your tip depends on how you treat me. If you insult me like that, don't expect me to take any liking to you and don't expect a tip. I don't care if you were joking, the joke went on for too long in the 2 minutes you kept it running. I can laugh at it now because it was hilarious and completely unexpected, but in the minute you were standing there insulting me, and before you left so that my friends and I could figure out the whole WHATEVER I was hurt. And that's not how you want your client to feel.

Needless to say, he got no tip from me, even if it would have only been about $0.50

So kids, moral of the story? IF YOU'RE  A WAITER, DONT BE AN ASSHOLE OR YOU GET NO TIP. If you find a customer annoying, SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE AND TAKE THEIR GODDAMN ORDER

We spent the rest of the weekend continually making fun of the waiter. Every time anyone said something we could apply the phrase "DO YOU ALWAYS TALK LIKE THAT CUZ ITS REALLY ANNOYING. YOU SHOULD LEARN FROM ME" we would say it in the gayest, most assholey way possible.

It was a fun experience and I can't wait to never see that waiter again.

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First of all, YAAAAY COOKIIIIES! They're chocolate chip and walnut, we double the recipe, tripled the chocolate and the cookies are twice as big as the recipe calls for. And they are yummeh. Very sticky dough though. And now I smell like butter. I can post the recipe if anyone's interested.

Anyway, I finished up a digital piece today!

It's big so you can see all the mistakes! :D )
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[ profile] gothicdementor and[profile] apple_rocket  and myself each designed a character to use in a comic. We came up with the setting and the outlines of a storyline in which to make this comic in, then we got started. Instead of doing the comic where one person does each job: artist, inker, colorer, etc., we decided it would be funner to draw 3 panels at a time.

Which is what we did.
Smarmbat Heights: Adventures in AWESOME )
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Spring Break is half over. I've spent most of it with Morgan and Katie. For the last two nights, we've been working on a collaborative comic which will be posted when we get the first "Chapter" done [we sketch, ink, and color about 3 pages in each sitting]. We're up until late hours of the morning working on these, but, he, it's worth it.

I have a few some of my own sketches to scan at... some... point, but I ='m saving those for the weekend. I've been behind on the computer usage this break. I'm up to 2600+ deviations and 1600+ messages [journals and stuff] to check on dA. Which sucks. Hard. And I hate checking dA on this computer.

But mine is getting fixed soon. Hopefully. It better.

... ugh, I need to clean my desk. It's covered with pencil poop and markers. Too bad it's 1 IN THE MORNING.

I'm going to go to sleep now. Goodnight.
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Period One: Computer Science
We took a quiz worked on a worksheet and then took another quiz.
Why this was weird: We never get worksheets in this class. Also, I've never taken two quizzes in one class. Ever. [Unless I was absent]

Period Two: English
The teacher yelled at me because of a mistake another person in our group made and because I didn't know what "lops" meant when it was "clearly a typo. Yeah, a typo the teacher made. Plus I looked up the definition of "lop" and it makes sense! At the time anyway...
Hell, it's still morning, My brain can think what it wants.
Why this was weird: Actually, it's not. That teacher just likes to yell at people.

Period Three: AP World History
This class wasn't weird :B We just took notes.

Period Four: Spanish 3
First, we went to go wish my History teacher a Happy Birthday, and the song that we sung does not even once mention the words, in Spanish, "Happy Birthday." Plus no one knows how to sing [it]. When we got back, he put us into groups and we read a story that went like this: A poor guy marries a rich, bitchy girl for her money. No one would marry her because she was so mean, but this guy did. And to put her in his place, he did the most ASSHOLE THING A MAN COULD EVER DO TO HIS NEWLY WED WIFE. First, he told the dog "fetch me a pail of water so I may clean my hands." And the dog was all like "lolwat?" And when the dog didn't do what he wanted to, he beheaded it :| BUT THATS NOT ALL. He then asked the cat the same thing. And the cat was like "no." and then he SLAMMED IT INTO THE WALL. BUT THEN. He asked his only horse the same thing. And it was just like "S:|" and so HE BEHEADS HIS ONLY HORSE. He asks the same thing of his wife and she's all like "HOLY SHIT OKAY." And he has total and complete control of her through FEAR. BUT THATS. NOT. ALL. The moral of this story wasn't "freaking a woman out puts her back in the kitchen", but had to do with his father, who in the last paragraph of the story went up to his wife and was like "Get me some water or I'll kill this dog." And she was like "Bitch, plz >:|" and the moral was something like "IF IT WORKS FOR YOUR SON, IT WONT WORK FOR YOU YOU OLD HACK."
Why this was weird:
DO I NEED TO EXPLAIN?! I mean, SERIOUSLY! Not to mention that we read this story in English. But that's not weird. We rarely do anything Spanish related in that class.

For Theater, I borrowed part of a pottery spiny thing ["u"shaped, pretty large and kinda heavy] and was carrying it around during lunch. Lunch only. Suddenly, our school's police office comes over and asks me what I'm going to do with it. I said it was for theater. Then he told me to put it away because he was afraid I was going to hit my friend Olivia, who was at the time resting her head on my lap, over the head with it. 

Me: "wat :|"
Officer: "I'm afraid you're going to hit someone with it."
Me: "Sir, I'm not going to hit anyone with this. I need it for class."
Officer: "Can you put it away?"
Me: "I'm going to take it to the teacher after lunch..."
Officer: "Why don't you do it now?"
Me: "Because she doesn't let anyone into her room during lunch, usually."
Officer: "... okay, but what if you hit [Olivia] with it."
Me: "Why would I hit one of my best friends with a giant metallic object when she's not doing anything wrong?"
Officer: "..."

The last time he confronted me, it was because I slammed the car door. Because i was pissed. AT HIM. And he stopped me on the way to class and asked me, directly, "Do you love your family?"

Me: "um...wat?"
Officer: "Do you love your family?"
Me: "Uh... yes?"
Officer: "Then why did you slam the door?"
Me: "I... didn't."
Officer: "..."
Me: "..."

Why this is weird: ...alkjfewaijfwaeijfwao DO I NEED TO EXPLAIN?

Period Five: Algebra 2
Was normal and boring :D

Period Six: Theater 1
I gave a kid a "bone"-r :D
Why this was weird:
Well, nothing's weird in this class. The day before, I "made-out/had sex" with a gay guy in the back of a movie theater. In theater class mind you.

Period Seven: Chemistry
Olivia and I discussed Guro, cp, and vaginas. We got many a strange look from the substitute, who kept coming over to see if we were doing our work, which we were, btw.
Why this was weird: How many chemistry classes have you been where you talk about vaginas and Japanese horror manga?

Leaving school:
Again, the officer caused this weirdness. While exiting the school parking lot, the police officer stopped our car to ask us why the lady in front of us was mad.
Why this was weird: HOW THE HELL SHOULD WE KNOW?

At home:
When my dog, Punkin', first moved in, she was always playing with a talking Kougra plushie I got or my 11th birthday [Kougra from Neopets, looks like a tiger]. My mom called this toy "Tigie" and would ask her "Where's your tigie?" and Punkin' would find her toy and bring it back or play with it or protect it or whatever. Tigie is long since destroyed, but every time she gets a new toy  it inherits the title of "Tigie" until it also ruined and she moves on to a new one. [Past toys include: a rubber duck, a squeaky toy cat, a koala toy, the cap of a ramune bottle, a stuffed frog (and eventually, just its legs) etc.] Well, today, Punkin' found her new Tigie: a rock.


She chases it around, throws it, tries to pick it up, whatever she can do with it, she'll try it.
Why this is weird: ITS A ROCK 8|

And that was my very weird Tuesday.


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Okay, so the reason I haven't posted anything is because my computer was being just down-right weird all week.

It froze up at random times, usually while I was using firefox or running more than two programs. It was often impossible to get anything done because I was never sure when the computer would freeze and I would have to wait 5 minutes for it to load up again.

But for some reason, now it's working, good as new.

:| Wat?


For the sake of being organized, here's a to-do list:
  • Made of Fail Podcast Logo [most important]
  • Josephine reference
  • watch Lost & Battlestar Galactica
  • buy PPG series DVD set
  • Figure out total cost of Anime Matsuri and if you even want to go that bad :| Srsly, year one of that con was horrible, but last year was apparenlty okay. And the singer they got for a concert is apparenlty loved by, like, everyone.
  • there's more, I just can't think of it all right now
I kind of have a busy weekend, so I don't know if I'll be able to do anything on this relatively small list. BUT I will try.

Especially with the [ profile] made_of_fail_pc   logo.

:D I love this podcast so much, and it has all kinds of amazing things planned, apparently. Best geek-podcast ever.
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There will more than likely be NO hourly tonight.

Something has come up at home and while, at the moment, I'm not directly involved, I am just not in the mood to sit around for the next hour and a half scanning. Instead, I will be doing Chemistry and watching American Idol auditions.

Exciting, right?

[I would watch Lost, but my dad isn't home right now and probably won't be for the next few hours.]

Also, Olivia, the artist I was talking about earlier was [ profile] dezembered  . Hope you enjoy their work :]
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I went with some friends to go see the musical "Spring Awakening." A majority of today's comic revolves around that. )

There may or may not be hourlies tomorrow depending on how the day goes. If I don't I will compensate with a sketch dump.

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Day 2 begins... )
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Yes I'm working on today's right now ;D

But yeah, I looked up to see if there ARE any rules for hourly comics, and I read that you need to do a comic for every hour that you're awake. Yesterday I just did it within a 12 hour time frame. So today I'm going to try this every hour I'm awake thing maybe but I'm worried about scanning it in so late at night.  It took a good hour and half to scan last nights comics.

Hm. Let's try this new rule out Friday.

For today, I think I'm going to stick to the 12 hour time frame.

Also, todays hourlies started same as yesterday, 7:20 AM. soooo.. yeah. 13 comics today. Let's hope I can do this ¦D


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