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A quick post before I go to bed. Goddamn I'm tired. Colored while watching/listening to The Producers. Favorite movie ever.

You can find the original in the last post.

Johannah's hair is acutally different right now, dreadlock pigtails in the same orange/blue style, but they're such a hassle to draw. I've been playing Rock Band a lot over the last couple days, so I now remember most things about Johannah that I over looked in my last pictures, like her bullet shell belt and anklet type thing.

I need to finish shading the gloves, the buckle, and add the earings. The shirt is staying that way.

This is the only thing I've done artisticly over the last week. We finally have power and internet, so it shouldn't become a trend. I have some commissions to plow through, so wish me luck.
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My scanner does this picture no justice, nor any of the other sketches I'm about to post. It's a shame, really. The colors are what make this thing. Done with sharpie and highlighters <3 It's the cover of my homework folder, the one thing in my life that helps me stay organized.

The hurricane is finally here, somewhat. I totally didn't realize that it was actually hitting Houston head on [APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FOREHEAD], so I'm a little more worried than before :< But it'll all be okay. It WILL be okay. It's gotta be. Almost all the windows are boarded up and nothing besides the cars are outside. I have a cookie scented candle right next to me in case of a black out and everything is plugged in and charged. Even Fred is here to keep me company. [He's my giant raccoon puppet xD Web-cam-stop-motion-thingy later, when it's back up.] We have enough no-cook food to last a week, so yeah.

Anyone else caught in the wake of Ike, stay safe! I'll be sure to post a journal tomorrow recounting whatever experiences I have tonight.



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