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A week or so ago it snowed. It SNOWED in Houston. That is a rare event. Especially here. In Houston.

But UGH. There has been smog/fog all over the city for the last 3 days. Granted, it's gone now-sorta, but I haven't seen a clear lue sky in two long.  This makes me sad.

Oni-con is this weekend. I can go if I get a C average in my Algebra course this semester. I'm terrified. I took the test today and there was one question I wasn't sure about - multiple choice, very simple wording, cost 18 points off my test. 18 points! So all day I've been paranoid - was the answer C? Did I get anything else wrong?

I hate that class sooooo much, I don't want to lose my chance to take a break from school for a stupid missed question that he didn't explain well enough.

Oh man, I'm going to scream if I failed that tests. Pleeeeease don't let me fail this test D:
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Cut for boobies )
On a side note, "finals" start this week, so... well, I don't know. I think I will be on the internet a lot, I won't lie. Still, I can't wait for the week to end. Hopefully I can still go to Oni-con. I'm really worried dad is going to call me out on my grades and not allow me to go...

But back to the picture. What looks better? Black or white? Opinions opinions...

Just noticed: HOLY CRAP no vagina xD I need to fix that...


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