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I bought a new Moleskin journal [a size up from my usual, but still easy to cary around] the day after Christmas. I've been drawing in it on and off, even doodling for 5 hours straight Saturday morning [you know, from 2 to 6 am or some crazy number like that. I as chillin' with friends.]

All I've uploaded from is the Josephine headshot, I believe, so these are the other sketches that are inside, including more Josephine doodles and my water color practices.

Highlighter and pencil.  Nothing fantastic, Just here to indicate that this is, in fact, an art entry.
Also the first drawing in the Moleskin.

My categories, let me show you them:
Watercolor )
Josephine the Pirate Queen )
Other sketches )

School starts tomorrow. Will this mean more or less sketches? I have no idea. I'll keep you posted.
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I feel good tonight <3

Duck duck duk duck duck duck GOOSE! ... well, girl. You get it.
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I should be preparing for the weekend and using this time to do homework.

But instead, I'm scanning pictures.

I like starting my pics off with the brightest of the bunch :]


Have a good Lief Erikson Day!

Or however you spell it!
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For the first day of school, I brought my mole skin journal to school with the intention of using it soley for notes and inevtiably doodling in it as well. I started drawing in 3rd period, where the teacher's room [filled with art and projects from previous years] inspired me to draw something. This isn't it, though I think I began drawing the frog around the time I was cloloring the picture frome that class [all will make sense soon, trust me.] Around 4th period, where the new, skittish never-ever-taught-before math teacher was shakingly telling us about his syllabus, I stole my friend's colored pencils and began coloring my skeches. It was quite coo'.

After lunch came AP World History, a class that I'm.... anxious about. There's a lot of reading involved, something I'm bad at when it comes to text books, but at least she assigns pages each day as opposed to last year... Mr. Swenson just said "read this and there'll be a test these two days" which causes major slacking for me. I usually need to be told what to do STRAIGHT OUT, something I'm hopin gto get over this year.

Back to the picture. It's unfinished, clearly, but I'm going to finish it within the next few days. I was copying an image of a butterfly the teacher had on a large.... blanket, I think, that was on the wall across from where I was sitting. I used highlighters to color it and it's much brighter in person. Scanners tend to like to eat colors and make them seem dull...

But it didn't do that with my next sketch!

I was coloring this all day, mainly in Math because I had the colored pencils, and later in other classes, inking here, a bit of highlighter there. I had a lot of fun with it. It's nspired but a lot of various pieces I've seen on dA recently, particularly this. The caption's weird, I know, but I put the word "Cityscape" too far to the left so I had to balance it out.

I'm doooone D:


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