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Got a new Moleskine after finishing up the last one. It's one of the larger, soft covered ones. I like the paper in these much more than the one used for the hardback moleskines simply because it scans better. The only big problem is that it's easy to press down too hard on pencils and all and create impressions on the other side. Oh well.

I didn't feel like scanning everything that I've done in it because some pages just weren't interesting or what not.

Porch copied from a picture I took in Greece.

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Lots of sketches under here, some from the moleskines and others from random pieces of paper. The last 9 (except the very last one) are kind of old, some of them drawn last year.

Think I'm going to color this soon. Looks like a fun experience.

more under here. Some nudity, nothing too scarring. )
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Okay, first off, the WIP.

Worked on this during the livestream and decided the skin needed reworking since it didn't really reflect the light too well. Still experimenting with that.

Here the changes are more obvious. I'm trying to fix Zelda's eyes - I think they look better but I need to clean them up a bit.

And here are two other things that I was working on during the stream )
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So back in March, I went on a week long vacation with some folks from school to Rome, Italy and Athens, Greece. Over the course of the trip, I took over 1000 photos, many of which, I feel, capture the beauty and life of the cities, the ruins, the country side and everything in between that the trip had to offer. They're all on facebook, since it would take far too long to post them all individually to livejournal. These are the "share-with-anyone" links, so you don't need a facebook account to see them.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

And here are the photos from last year's Disneyworld trip if you're interested in those.

Part 1

Part 2

I think photography is an abused hobby of mine. I wish I did more of it.

There are a lot of photos, so please don't feel obliged to look at all of them. I'm just posting this for anyone that's interested.
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Decided to draw some of the men on Dexter while watching the show (and Shaycarl). Dexter is an amazing show! I finished season 2 and I need to order season 3, but it's absolutely fantastic.
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Yeah, this is a sketchblog, right? So here's some art!

Last full body JAsmine, and likely the last of the month. Yzma is this month's calendar girl!

Around 20ish more under the cut, a lot more interesting than Jasmine up there. As always, there are nipples, so be careful. )
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I'm taking a day off from school. I have wisdom teeth growing in - 4!! - and so we went to the dentist. I'll have to get surgery to remove all of them - 4!!!

But, as long as I'm home, I figured why not post the pictures I scanned last night. So here we go. 40 sketches of madness.

LOTS more under the cut! )

Woo! That's all out of the way. Now onward to February!!
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I got some neat gifts from my dad's work buddy. They were three PEZ dispensers - Ariel, Jack Jack and a reindeer - and a chocolate Japanese treat.

Candy, PEZ, and non-canon shipping, ahoy! )
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Waitin' for 4 to come by. Having people come over to watch Slenderman videos and the final There Will Be Brawl.

Practicing with the tablet again! Another Jasmine, and she looks old again. It's in the eyes, I think. Jasmine's eyes are huge. I make her's small and kind of drowsy looking.

Still working on lighting and shading. I am improving soooooo slowly. *sob*

Also, I accidentally saved it at this size. It was originally a lot bigger.
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Well, we're half way through Decemeber, so I think it's time for a sketch... dump? Well no not really. Pile? Heap? Um... Yeah, just, here you go.

I have been drawing throughout the last couple weeks, but most of them are doodles on my notes or homework. Those are things I post at the end of the semester (This weekend, btw) so expect those... soon.

Some marker practice. They're some kind of... Indian Ink markers. Pretty awesome. The scanner messed with this one a bit...

more sketches and movie reviews under here! )
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Like the Ariel calendar, I got this from the Disney website.

I printed out several for various characters, but this Snow White is the only one I've colored.

Colored with Prismacolor markers. It's really hard to control the bleed from the markers so there are some parts where it blends with colors outside of the lines and that.... bothers me. BUT OH WELL.

Also, I plan on coloring this one next:

So cute.
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EDIT: Art is missing from this post still! skajkljfasklfsdklfjs WHY CANT YOU JUST WORK FOR ONCE LJ. I'll try to have it fixed by this afternoon.


Computer is all fixed up! Every music, video, and picture file has been transferred, and... mostly organized. Major programs have been added [Photoshop CS4 ftw!], and most things have been installed and are working, including that stupid tablet. The only problem now is finding out why the hell my WIRELESS PRINTER needs A USB CABLE to do anything. THAT'S JUST STUPID. ITS WIRELESS. THAT MEANS NO WIRES. GRAAAAH

And on that note, ART DUMP!!

Yeah, I posted the one of Belle a little while ago, but I also added a lop sided face Ariel. My Disney Princess binge has kinda dropped, but that's only because my computer has been distracting me.


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I'll stop with the fanart... some day.
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I promised I'd come back to dA.
I promised I'd post Disney pictures.
I promised I do a series of posts looking back on bad art.
And I ... kinda did those. But not fully.

... But if there's one thing I can promise, it's that I CANT STOP DRAWING DISNEY PRINCESS FANART. For some reason, I draw Ariel and Belle a lot. A few Cinderellas and such here and there though.

I tried to record a video of me doing this but for some reason it did not save properly and I can't access it. I saved it as an .avi file but it's a very small file size, so I doubt it actually recorded or saved fully (since the length or recording was probably 40 minutes long). The video recorder gives me the option of saving things as a .swf file but I did a test run and it just opened up a blank firefox page. Not entirely sure what to do...

Anyway, here's the picture I did.

... Yup, that's Belle alright. This... kind of isn't done I think? I might try shading and stuff, fix it a bit, clean it up, but I kind of like the simplicity.

Okay, shamefully, I lost my copy of Beauty and the Beast in the Great "I'm A Big Girl" Genocide of... 20...04 or something. I lost practically all of my VHSs somehow and I regret it. But I was in Half Price Books today and I found a video section! EEEI! Full of kids films, mostly, but lots of Disney stuff. I was only able to get a copy of Beauty and the Beast (for $4), no idea if it works, but I plan on going back when I have some money to get some other titles. Hopefully Fantasia 2000 and Prince of Egypt are still there.

EDIT: Also! I saw District 9 today and it was one of the funnest movie going experiences I have had this summer! I found myself rooting SO HARD for the aliens, I was fist pumping the air in my head whenever something good happened for the aliens. It was incredibly awesome, even if I was sitting next to a chatty, smelly smoker and a kid that was WAY TOO VOCAL about when something was awesome [with the help of his dad.] And aesome things happened a lot, sooo...

I've actually been thinking about doing some fanart for it, in the shape of Christopher and his son. Those two characters really resonated with me and I'm not entirely sure why, but I want to draw them. Plus I don't draw aliens or monsters very frequently so it'll be good practice. And the aliens just... looked... AWESOME. My favorite part of them was the little claw hand things on their stomach area. So cute! I just need to fid some good reference.  The commercials have some nice closeups, maybe that?
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I'll just get straight into. Disney pics coming... some time.
Also, 4 sections: Red String, Disney, Alex the Pokemon Platnium Trainer, and the rest of the crap.


Jun. 22nd, 2008 11:37 pm
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If tl;dr, at least look at the pic, plz?

For those of you who came over from dA oooooor who just have been around my house as of the past week or so, you might no about this big "Animated Female Rolls" project I've started. I basically have a list which can be seen here [61 girls to do! WTF!] of the various people I have to do. So far I've done.. ARiel, Esmerelda, Belle, Jane, and the newly added Cinderella:

First off, for her pose, I used this image as reference, which is the first time I've borrowed a pose for one of these so far [although I've used reference for all but Ariel]. Also, please forgive the quality of the petticoat and all, you must understand my scanner loves to rape my pictures :] Oh, and this image is just a little bit under scale, but this is about the size I draw them. They get more and more proportionate as I go along :\ All of the girls will follow this same pattern of black inking, white outline, everything colored but skin, shading and blush. The mouths stayed generally the same until I slipped up on Jane. Doesn't take away from that one though.

For the technical details, these are drawn on various pieces of cardboard [you know, the kind your cereal comes in and stuff] which I scavenged from the kitchen. There are two materials, one which is a bit more raw and  brown in colors, good for characters with darker colors, and then a smoother, gray material. So far, the gray is best for bringing out colors to their brightest. I sketch with regular 2B pencil and ink with Micron pens. Colors are done with Prismacolor markers.

As for the white, that's been the one big issue. I use it not just for white things but also as a base layer so that bright ass colors like yellow can actually look bright. I had a gel pen that worked for a while, but when I got to...I believe it was Belle, the third one I worked on, it began acting screwy so I converted it to a blow pen. You can imagine how much of a pain in the ass it was to block in a huge section of dress. So dad showed me a paint medium called Gouache which is like an opaque water color. It's working great so far [this was the first time I used it] and is much easier to control. The only bitch part is the outline, but whatever.

Cinderella © Disney


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