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Heading up to San Antonio til Saturday. Gonna celebrate Christmas with the family.

Um, I drew a little thing in honor of Christmas... buuuuuuuuuuuut I think really it was just me drawing an incredibly curvy ram-girl, the ACTUAL Baba, rather than Naomi the Pink One. This is The Black One.

Cut for... well, just read the caption )
 Hmmmm, yeeeeeah, I just like drawing these character. I blame Chris Sanders recently joining dA. His girls are just so sexy~ I love those kinds of proportions.

I will say that I am enjoying my current coloring style a lot, or, really, inking style, though you can't really see in. In faaact...


I will link to the artist who inspired such linearting when I track them down. I believe, in fact, that I am following them on LJ. I'll try to edit it in later.

Happy Newtonsmas, guys~
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Cut for boobies )
On a side note, "finals" start this week, so... well, I don't know. I think I will be on the internet a lot, I won't lie. Still, I can't wait for the week to end. Hopefully I can still go to Oni-con. I'm really worried dad is going to call me out on my grades and not allow me to go...

But back to the picture. What looks better? Black or white? Opinions opinions...

Just noticed: HOLY CRAP no vagina xD I need to fix that...
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Just a character I decided to make up. Looked like a lesbian when I drew her, soooooooo....

More sketches here! )
I hate school .__________________.

And that's all! My birthday's in two days! So excited! :D


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