Jul. 11th, 2009 03:21 pm
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Name the characters win a prize! Carl's voice on your home answering machine!


Jun. 22nd, 2008 11:37 pm
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If tl;dr, at least look at the pic, plz?

For those of you who came over from dA oooooor who just have been around my house as of the past week or so, you might no about this big "Animated Female Rolls" project I've started. I basically have a list which can be seen here [61 girls to do! WTF!] of the various people I have to do. So far I've done.. ARiel, Esmerelda, Belle, Jane, and the newly added Cinderella:

First off, for her pose, I used this image as reference, which is the first time I've borrowed a pose for one of these so far [although I've used reference for all but Ariel]. Also, please forgive the quality of the petticoat and all, you must understand my scanner loves to rape my pictures :] Oh, and this image is just a little bit under scale, but this is about the size I draw them. They get more and more proportionate as I go along :\ All of the girls will follow this same pattern of black inking, white outline, everything colored but skin, shading and blush. The mouths stayed generally the same until I slipped up on Jane. Doesn't take away from that one though.

For the technical details, these are drawn on various pieces of cardboard [you know, the kind your cereal comes in and stuff] which I scavenged from the kitchen. There are two materials, one which is a bit more raw and  brown in colors, good for characters with darker colors, and then a smoother, gray material. So far, the gray is best for bringing out colors to their brightest. I sketch with regular 2B pencil and ink with Micron pens. Colors are done with Prismacolor markers.

As for the white, that's been the one big issue. I use it not just for white things but also as a base layer so that bright ass colors like yellow can actually look bright. I had a gel pen that worked for a while, but when I got to...I believe it was Belle, the third one I worked on, it began acting screwy so I converted it to a blow pen. You can imagine how much of a pain in the ass it was to block in a huge section of dress. So dad showed me a paint medium called Gouache which is like an opaque water color. It's working great so far [this was the first time I used it] and is much easier to control. The only bitch part is the outline, but whatever.

Cinderella © Disney


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