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When I first found out about Neopets, I was in 4th grade. I was introduced by my friend Daniel and was hooked automatically. I already enjoyed virtual pets video games, like Petz and the Choa mini game in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, and I loved creatures, thanks to my Pokemon obsession. So a site that involved taking care of those crazy creatures? Heck yes!

Let me introduce you to my first account that I got attached to, fruitroll_fan. I still log onto this account occassionally, and it's well over 6 years old. It wasn't my first account, but it was the first one that I became dedicated to. It was also one of my first dips into the world of personas, where I created my Neopets alter ego fruitroll_fan.

She... didn't have much of a personality, or at least, not a unique one. She was a little scatter brained and... well, I guess you could say she's Tohru with battling Neopets. Also, she has blue hair with red highlights. 'nuff said.
and now the neopets )
I'm kinda sick right now and feel kinda bad, so I'm actually going to stop the post here and pick it up whenever I can. I'm going to the ranch on Friday so I won't be back until Sunday.

So... cliff hanger?
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I wasn't able to find too much art from this period of time, namely 5th grade when all I would draw were cat people or bad anime chicks. I was able to find 3 images though that really give you an idea of just how I used to draw.

... Okay, you gotta remember, I didn't know what antro characters were or what furries were or anything like that! The idea for cat people more than likely came from the stupid How to Draw Anime book that I got in 3rd grade. I also don't know from who or where I learned to draw dogs like that, but I used to draw dogs like that ALL THE TIME. Plus, why the hell did I draw this? Why is there some chick asking for a taxi? Is she a "forien extange" student? Is she just stupid? Why is she taking a dog and a rabbit and a very tiny cat to school? on her head? why is she showing off her midriff! WHY WHY WHY?!
But wait, there's more! )
Oh, but this is only the beginning, folks. What's up next is sure to embarrass me for the next FOREVER. It's Neopets time. Not only that, but it's Neopets time in a time where I was busy being fake ANGSTY. So not only do you get to look at my hilariously overdone designs, but you also get to see the pure awesomeness of my writing skills. Stay tuned.


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