Feb. 10th, 2011

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Alright, so this is the last story that we have to do in Creative Writing as a part of our Pod Project, and this one is part of the Fantasy genre.

It actually started off as, if you can believe it, something of a Zelda fanfiction.

Let me explain.

There was a rumor going around a few years after Twilight Princess came out that the next Zelda game was going to be a lot darker. The popular theory was that you don't play as Link at all, but rather, as a guy who thinks he's Link and vows to save the princess even though she isn't in trouble.

I discussed this theory with my friend Katie, and we came up with some interesting ideas for how that would work. A man living a very normal, happy life with his family, running a bakery and everything, one day snaps due to some trigger setting off something in his mind, and he believes that he is the Hero of Time. He believes that his family and everyone around him are all working for some great evil and therefore must die. Using a bread knife as his weapon and a cutting board as his shield, this non-Link kills his family and several other people and makes his way to Hyrule, and disaster quickly follows.

This is something of that story, though de-Zeldafied and starting with a Hero trying to live a far simpler life.

I realize, like my previous stories, that there are some problems, and again, those will be addressed when I revise the story again a few months from now for our final grade.

Feedback is encouraged and appreciated if you do read the story! 
The Hero's Return )


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